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Stylish and practical kitchen set in a combination of White Gloss and Plum Wallis. Total length of the set 240 cm*


Junona Line kitchen unit set is the best option for the small kitchens or studio apartments!

Dark Apple carcasses with White Gloss/Plum Wallis doors.

Price includes all handles, hinges, kickboards, 2 pieces of a worktop. Below you can see a list of 7 units included:

Junona Line - Sink Lower Cupboard 80cm ( DK2D/80/82 ) 

Size: 820 mm (H);800 mm (W);453 mm (D).

Junona Line - Glass Upper Cupboard 80cm ( G2W/80/57 )

Size: 570 mm (H);800 mm (W);288 mm (D).

Junona Line - Lower Cupboard 40cm Left ( D1D/40/82_L )

Size: 820 mm (H);400 mm (W);453 mm (D).

Junona Line - Upper Cupboard 40cm ( G1D/40/57_LP )

Size: 570 mm (H);400 mm (W);288 mm (D).

Junona Line  - Lower Cupboard 60cm 

Size: 820 mm (H);600 mm (W);453 mm (D).

Junona Line - Upper Cupboard 60cm

Size: 570 mm (H);600 mm (W);288 mm (D).

Junona Line - Hanging Cooker Hood Wall Cupboard 60cm ( GO/60/30 )

 Size: 300 mm (H);600 mm (W);288 mm (D)

Junona Line Set is ideal for use with a 60cm freestanding cooker.

Ideal sink size/type is 60 x 80 cm lay-on stainless steel sink.

We have sinks in the stock please enquire.

*Total length of all units when put in a straight line is 240cm including a cooker 60cm space (a cooker is not included in the price).

Cabinets are finished very nicely! Units are freestanding and do not have to be placed in a straight line. Buy two if you have a bigger kitchen!


Kitchen sets are sold flat packed for self-assembly! Local fitting service offered please enquire!