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Stylish and modern kitchen set in a combination of Oak and Wenge colours. Total length of the set 240cm*


Junona Line kitchen unit set is the best option for the small kitchens or studio apartments! Buy 2 sets if you have a bigger kitchen!

Wall units in Sonoma Oak, Base units in Sonoma Oak with Wenge insert, worktop in Sonoma Oak.

Price includes all handles, hinges, kickboards, worktops and below you can see a list of 7 units included:

Junona Line - Sink Lower Cupboard 80cm ( DK2D/80/82 )

Size: 820 mm (H);800 mm (W);453 mm (D).

Junona Line - Glass Upper Cupboard 80cm ( G2W/80/57 ) 

Size: 570 mm (H);800 mm (W);288 mm (D).

Junona Line - Lower Cupboard 40cm Left ( D1D/40/82_L ) 

Size: 820 mm (H);400 mm (W);453 mm (D).

Junona Line - Upper Cupboard 40cm ( G1D/40/57_LP ) 

Size: 570 mm (H);400 mm (W);288 mm (D).

Junona Line  - Lower Cupboard 60cm 

Size: 820 mm (H);600 mm (W);453 mm (D).

Junona Line - Upper Cupboard 60cm

Size: 570 mm (H);600 mm (W);288 mm (D).

Junona Line - Hanging Cooker Hood Wall Cupboard 60cm ( GO/60/30 ) 

Size: 300 mm (H);600 mm (W);288 mm (D)


Junona Line Set is ideal for use with a 60cm freestanding cooker.


Ideal sink size/type is 60 x 80 cm lay-on stainless steel sink.


We have sinks in the stock please enquire.


*Total length of all units when put in a straight line is 240cm including a cooker 60cm space (a cooker is not included in the price).


Cabinets are finished very nicely! Units are freestanding and do not have to be placed in a straight line.


Kitchen sets are sold flat packed for self-assembly. Local fitting service offered please contact for more inforation.